Do You Need a Proven Insurance Marketing Plan?

Receive 12 weeks of training with insurance marketing and online lead generation strategies I usually only share inside my private mastermind program. These are the same tactics my clients use to double or triple their monthly policies.

The “Q.U.I.Z” Sales System Revealed

Any true sales professional knows that you must have a sales process in order to be a top performer. Most sales people don’t follow a process / system with each and every sales call. One thing I have mastered is putting my prospects through a very intentional sales process. I have a couple different systems or processes that I follow depending on the nature of the call.

Many sales people get so excited about the opportunity to close a sale they throw any structure to the process out the window. This is a very common and deadly mistake. The first thing you need to do before any sales call is to take a moment and gather your thoughts. Prepare yourself for the direction of the call and the process so that you can maximize the opportunity. Many times in a sales call you only have one shot at a close.

The Q.U.I.Z. system is perhaps the most powerful & effective sales process you could ever follow and it works in just about every situation. Follow this process on your next call to see the difference it makes.

Q. Question The Motive: Why is the customer on the call. We need to know what has motivated them to reach out or to accept the call in the first place. Many times the motive is an initial knee jerk reaction to an advertisement or a well executed cold call. We still want to know what that initial trigger is because it can often times prove to be extremely valuable. The initial motive is what we call a HOT BUTTON. As a sales person you need to find as many hot buttons during the sales call so that we can light them all up when we move in and close. As easy as it may sound to simply ask the prospect “What made you reach out to me today? “, or “What initially interests you about working with our company?” very few sales people understand the power. When you ask this it immediately makes the prospect remember the positive reasons as to why they are on the phone/ appointment. There is a psychological reasoning behind this as well, When you assign their mind to their motive it brings them into a positive frame of mind which makes for a smoother sales call. This process also subconsciously reminds them that THEY want to be at this meeting or on this call. Think about it….it’s pretty hard to be rude or cut someone short when YOU asked for & wanted to be here in the first place. This is very powerful.

U. Uncover The Need: Here is an area many people fail to separate the first step and this step. The motive is what the prospect THINKS they are there for. The need is what you need to uncover. This process happens through effective question asking and will vary depending on the nature of your sales call. The prospect often arrives on the call or at the appointment from the initial need and if you are asking the right questions you will often UNCOVER the NEED behind the NEED. This is often the emotional reasons as to WHY they are there. I call this their  WHY. If a business owner comes to me to help them generate leads on line their motive initially sounds like this: “I want more leads.” The NEED or as I call it their WHY is “I want to generate enough income to sustain a certain life style for my family.” The WHY will always BUY. You cannot sell on logic alone. 90% of ALL buying decisions are first seeded in emotion. The problem is that most sales people try to beat their prospects over the head with facts, figures, and logic without understanding the prospects emotions will dictate their logic. Uncover their WHY and they will BUY! Sell to the WHY and the prospect can’t LIE.

I. Identify The Solutions: When you become a solutions provider and not a product peddler you will see an explosion in your income like never before. You see products are petty but solutions are valuable. You can’t put a price on a solution. When you find their WHY and you provide a solution to that problem price no longer becomes an issues. If you try to work the logical angle the prospect can argue with that. They cannot argue with a solution to the WHY. Throughout the sales call everything the prospect says can and WILL be used “against them.” They cannot argue with their own statements so the more you can keep them talking, the more pain you can uncover, the more needs they reveal the easier your job becomes. When they talk they tell you everything you need to close them. From their your only job is to show them which features your product/ service has that will solve their problem/ needs. Rather than vomiting all your features & benefits which will likely muddy the waters all you need to do is match your features to their problems.

Z. Zip Up The Deal: 78 percent of all sales are lost because the sales professional NEVER ASKED FOR THE BUSINESS. With a perfectly executed sales call you have Questioned The Motive, Uncovered The Need, Identified The Solutions, the natural next step in the process is to sip up the deal. There are dozens of ways to close a sale and honestly I could write an entire blog post on closing. I will share my favorite and most powerful close. This close is very powerful but at the same time leaves the prospect feeling as if it where their decision to buy rather than feeling like you “closed them.” This strategy puts the prospect in a position of power yet what really happens is they lose all the power and are left in a position to move forward or offer an objection. In either case a good sales person can keep the conversation going when the objection is offered up.

Once you match your features to the problems and you solve them all you simply need to say is “What’s Next?”

This powerful question has closed more deals than any strategy I have ever tried to employ.

About the Author Sean Matheis

Sean Matheis founded Agency Alliance, the elite mastermind program for insurance agents, and The Millionaire Masterminds with the most recognized celebrities & professional athletes on their coaching roster.

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Do You Need a Proven Insurance Marketing Plan?

Receive 12 weeks of training with insurance marketing and online lead generation strategies I usually only share inside my private mastermind program. These are the same tactics my clients use to double or triple their monthly policies.