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Thomas Brown

District Manager Raves About Agency Alliance

”This program has been a game changer for our district. Our reserve agents are getting career status much faster than ever before. I was able to generate 44 exclusive leads to give out to my agents and we have over 25 pending sales in just the last 7 days from those leads. As a District Manager I think every DM should consider putting this program in front of their agency force." 

Chicago Agent Raves About Agency Alliance

“Before I started with The Agency Alliance our office was in our rookie year. We were writing 50-60 applications a month. After working with Sean & putting his systems into place we are now generating dozens of exclusive leads a week and we are producing over 200 applications a month." 

John S. 
Nick Gambino

Rookie Agent Nails It With 60 Items A Month 

“As a brand new Allstate agent in NY generating new leads was not only costly but difficult to do. After I started working with Sean I generated 20-30 new leads a week for a fraction of what I was spending on internet leads. In the first 30 days I had already increased my production to over 60 items a month." 

 A word from Sean Matheis

"The world of social media and the internet has changed the way we as insurance agents reach the customer base. 7 out of 10 consumers indicated that having an agent that is accessible on social media influenced their purchase decision. 55% of Facebook users indicated they did business locally because of a referral from Facebook. If you don't have a solid social media presence you are dead in the water. "  Sean Matheis