Do You Need a Proven Insurance Marketing Plan?

Receive 12 weeks of training with insurance marketing and online lead generation strategies I usually only share inside my private mastermind program. These are the same tactics my clients use to double or triple their monthly policies.

10 Tips To Gain More Referrals

1) Change Your Attitude About Referrals

Stop telling yourself you’re “asking for referrals” and imagine this instead:

“I’m helping my clients increase their social status by making it easy for them to recommend a local business that’s easy to work with, cares about it’s customers, and can save their friends thousands of dollars”

If you have trouble convincing yourself of this, your challenge may be deeper than just needing more referrals.

2) Make a Referral Reward Program

A referral reward program is an established system you use to thank clients who refer your agency. It can include a variety of ideas within this article, but the important element is that its an established, repeatable, and easy-to-follow procedure.

Establishing an official referral reward program offers many advantages:

  1. It’s easy for your producers to explain to customers.
  2. It makes an “un-thanked” referral less likely to happen.
  3. You can generate promotional materials about it. (flyers, etc.)
  4. Your customers will know what to expect if they refer someone and will be more likely to do it.

3) Get in Your Clients’ Cell Phones

If your clients don’t have your contact information on them somewhere they’ll be less able to fully recommend you to their friends.

Make sure every client has your contact information in their address book. Program it in there for them and don’t stop at getting just one member of the family. Insist on getting your contact information into every single phone in the house.

It’s easy if you frame it right: explain the benefits of having your phone number on hand in case there is ever an emergency.

I know agents that go so far as to insist the client input it while in the office and they’ll follow up with new customers to make sure the agency gets programmed in the rest of the family phones.

It just looks to the client like you really want to be available to them, which is a good thing!

4) Referral Cards to Hand Out

Make up some cards with your logo, agency contact information, and a spot that says: “Referred by _________”.

Handwrite your client’s name in the blank space and give it to them to pass along.

You could mail these out or put them in your new business packet, but I’d recommend actually handing them to your clients at a time when they’ll be forced to put them in their wallet or purse.

5) Check Out Rocket Referrals

I looked into this company out after the fifth different agent told me about them and I’m convinced they have an awesome system.

It’s called Rocket Referrals and it’s a turnkey system that identifies the clients who are most likely to refer your agency and reaches out to them by mail and email to ask for referrals.

It’s pretty cool system and I saw the demo but I don’t really know how it all works so if you’d be interested in making the referral process automated check out their website here.

6) Practice Your Referral Talkpaths


Think you’re too cool or too good to practice your sales conversations with a friend or in front of the mirror?

You’re not.

The average NFL football game has about 11 minutes of actual playing time.  If Payton Manning can spend a hundred hours each week preparing for 11 minutes of execution (half of which he’s on the bench) I think you can practice your referral scripts a few times a week, right?

7) Describe Your Target Customer

One reason clients hesitate to refer your agency is because they don’t want to look bad if they recommend your services and your prices are sky high.

Remove the risk in your clients’ eyes by explaining they types of customers you have the most competitive rates for.

For example, “We have the cheapest rate in town 95% of the time for homeowners with good credit and a clean driving record”. Or, “If you know someone with a DWI in the past 2 years, we’re the best agency to help them out.”

Just be careful not to tell customers your target client is the opposite of them. They’ll question whether they’ve got the right agency!

8) Help Clients Identify Referral Targets

Here’s an exercise to illustrate this point:

Exercise #1 –  Excluding your coworkers and family, think of someone you know that would be happy to win $200 today….

Don’t move on until you’ve thought of someone…

Exercise #2 – Now think of a neighbor that would be happy to win $200 today.

The first question is harder for most people to answer because it’s hard to think of just one person out of thousands of qualifiers.

The second question has fewer options to choose from, but I bet you probably just had a mental image of your neighbor holding a hundred dollar bill with a big smile on his face. Am I right?

The point is, when you ask clients to refer your agency, give them a specific group to choose from.

Instead of making a general request, say something like, “Is there anyone in your church group that could really benefit from saving a few hundred dollars on insurance?”.

9) Recommend-a-Friend Functionality on Your Website

Honestly, I don’t know how effective something like this will be for you, but having a page or a box somewhere on your agency website that allows people to send an email to a friend recommending your agency might work.

I think an entire page could work better than a little box somewhere because I expect it would take a bit of convincing to get people to actually give up their friend’s email address and you’d have to remove the perceived risk of getting your friend spammed.

10) Email Signature

Your email signature is a block of text that shows up automatically at the bottom of your emails. Most agents have their contact information and maybe a link to their website.

These are a great places to request a referral because it’s so easy for the recipient who is already reading your email to forward it to someone.

Use “Forward My Contact Information”  as your actual call to action to remind the reader specifically how to recommend you and encourage them to do so.

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Do You Need a Proven Insurance Marketing Plan?

Receive 12 weeks of training with insurance marketing and online lead generation strategies I usually only share inside my private mastermind program. These are the same tactics my clients use to double or triple their monthly policies.