Target Masters Pro


Target Masters Pro


Have you ever said "I've tried Facebook ads but I just couldn't get any leads" Chances are pretty good that you have boosted a post or run an ad but simply felt like you were wasting your money. 

The unforunate truth is that you are not alone. For the last 5 years I have run ad campaigns on Facebook, generated 100's of thousands of leads, and more than $10 million dollars in revenue from my ad campaigns from Facebook alone...

So what's the "secret sauce" 


If you are struggle to get your ads to convert, your lead cost has increased, or you have just not had luck using Facebook ads. THIS IS FOR YOU!


The targeting strategies I learned from Sean helped me lower my cost per lead by 60% and increase my conversion 4X

- Doug - Marketing Stratgist

Do You Need Target Masters Pro?

This program shows you how run ads, generate targted leads, and convert sales like the pro's

Perfect Customer Creation We have a very specific process that will help you create the perfect customer. Using our method and the audience insights tool you will laser target your perfect customer the first time every time. Increase your relevance score, your conversion, and drive more sales! 

Targeting Secrets That Convert Step by step targeting instructions that will show you exactly how to utilize ALL the targeting tools available to marketers in the ads manager. Learn some of the tricks that very few people know how to use that will increase your conversion 5X

Custom Audiences Made Simple The CPM (cost per thousand) is a measure of how much it cost to show your ad to 1k people has increased by more than 265% in the last 2 years. The most effective way to combat the rising cost is to utilize custom audiences. We have a specific step by step guide to show you how to create custom audiences AND how to utilize them effectively in your ad campaigns to drive your cost per lead down by as much as 60%

Lookalike Audience Strategies One of my secret weapons is lookalike audiences in Facebook. Imagine if you could generate endless leads that were EXACTLY like your most profitable customers. GOOD NEWS.. YOU CAN. We will show you how to take all of your ACTUAL customer and find people JUST LIKE THEM using our lookalike audience markeeting strategies. This is all laid out in an easy to follow step by step guide. If you can follow an instruction booklet then you can use this program with ease

Here's What Others Are Saying:

"I would be out of business if it wasnt for Sean! I was a rookie when I bought my first program from Sean and now I am busy and ready to hire."

Thomas Frank , Colorado - Mortgage Lender - Marketing Expert

"Sean is a secret weapon for so many insurance agents and agency owners. His intimate social media and lead gen knowledge can bring in a flood of leads and totally change the way you grow your business. I learned one trick on a live call with Sean last week that will make me at least an extra $25,000 this year.."

Nick Carpenter, Founder & CEO

About Sean Matheis: 

At just 33 years old Sean Mathies is a seriel entreprenuer and owns 3 successful companies and has a drive that keeps him laser focused on success. Sean has generated 100's of thousands of leads on on social media and driven more than $10,000,000 in revenue from his ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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