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Listen, I already know that you have been burned by at least 1 lead provider. You have likely been promised the moon by other programs and you are asking "What makes this program any different?"

I could tell you all day long that we are the best. I could tell you that our members have closed over 180,000 new policies. I could tell you that over $10,000,000 of business has been closed by our members. I could tell you that agents have DOUBLED or TRIPLED their new business production in under 90 days. I suspect that you really want to know 2 things. 

1) Has it worked for other agents like me? 

2) What guarantee can you make?  

With that in mind, I though it best to simply share with you what others just like you are saying, what their results look like, and then tell you I guarantee your purchase on any of our products in writing! 

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