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Agency Alliance Digital Media Managed Services

We are the nations #1 digital agency for insurance agents in the country. Our entire team has a background in the insurance industry as a licensed agent giving our team unmatched experience and insight for our clients campaigns. 

We have perfected the art of lead generation for insurance agents and our managed services platform is hands down the most cost effective means to catapult your agency to the next levet. Our clients report contact rates of 75% and we boast the HIGHEST CLOSE RATES in the industry with 20%+ CLOSING RATES on our exclusive leads. 

From the time of on-boarding, our clients see immediate leads and our clients not only reduce their marketing budget by an average of 30% but also increase thier new business production by as much as 50% in the first 30 days. 

Managed Services:Average Cost Per Lead Under $4.00 Agents Report 60%+ contact rates & 20% close rates from our leads. Average client closes $30k in NB Premium. Starting At Just $15 hr

Transparant Reporting. Campaigns can be managed in clients ad manager or managed from our digial assets. Real time results and real time reporting. Weekly review calls to ensure client results are met. 

Average client reports 50% or better contact rate,

Average closing rate of 20% or better. 

Average ROI of 300% or more reported nationwide. Eliminate your internet lead spend. Increase your closing rate by 50% over traditional lead sources.

Real Results From Agents Just Like You

Our clients have provided 100% satisfaction and unmatched results from our lead generation campaigns. Laser targeted leads delivered in realtime within hours of set up have proven to be the industries highest converting campaigns in the industry. 

Eliminate wasted ad dollars on recycled internet leads that convert at less than 5%. STOP throwing money away on mail campaigns that yeild less than 1% results. —Our team takes an indepth look at your exact customer so that your team only works leads that are highly targeted to your specific needs. 

We know your underwriters have a specific apitite for a specific demographic and our team of experts can laser target filters such as AGE, GEOGRAPHY, INCOME, HOME OWNERSHIP STATUS, RELATIONSHIP, EDUCATION, EMPLOYERS, INDUSTRIES, & DOZENS MORE to ensure only the highest quality of leads. 

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Scaleable results for even the largest of budgets. 

In the screenshot here you can see we genertated over 1,375 exclusivve leads over a 5 month period. The cient invested $6,139 over that 5 month period and reported over 200 new house holds closed with over $40,000 in commissions earned which is over a 600% ROI. There simply isn't another platform that will provide these types of immediete results for insurance agents. 

Schedule A Free Consultation WIth One Of Our Campaign Managers Today To See What We Can Do For You. We have run ads in all 50 states and we can tell you what the results for your campaings will be so you can evaluate whether or not this is a good fit for our agency. 

Real Agents Sharing Real Results

Our colabrative approach puts our agents in the driver seat so that our clients are getting only the highest quality of leads. 

Fill out the form and talk with our team to find out what other agents are getting in your market. 

 We have helped more than 1,500 agents leverge the power of social media to get exclusive leas for as low at $1.00 each with the higest closing rates the industry has ever seen. 


Our team can generate exlcusive P&C leads as well as life insurance leads and even results for your mortage and real estate agent referral partners. Life insurance leads, Health Insurance Leads, Medicare Leads, Auto & Home Insurance Leads. 

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schedule a free consultation with our campaign managers today and find out exactly what our team can do for your agency. Get INSTANT results. Agent got 94 leads in the 1st 7 days working with us. Let's get to work. 

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