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Write 30 Life Apps In 30 Days 

The Ultimate Life Sales Accelerator

Increase New Business By 30 Apps A Month*

The #1 Life Sales Booster In The Industry


Life insurance has always been a struggle for insurance agents. Our first life insurance program was a MASSIVE success. This program is the most updated & current version of the strategies we are now using to generate thousands of life leads a month, and the exact steps our members are using to write 30 apps a month in their first 30 days!

  • Laser Targeted Exclusive Life Insurance Leads 
  • Step By Step Instructions To Generate HUNDREDS of Quote Request Monthly
  • Only 50 Agents Will Have Access To This Technology Keeping It Truly Exclusive

*During our beta testing period we generated over 3,000 quote request with an  average cost of under $2 each. Avg. agent wrote 30 life policies in 30 days!


We are holding nothing back we are giving you the step by step instructions with screen shots of what ads copy to use, what systems to use, what photos/ videos work best, what campaign type, what your forms should look like, how to target your customer, and even give you the phone scripts, text scripts, and email scripts, so that YOU CAN'T MESS THIS UP!

You will get access to all of the ads we have tested and proven to work nationwide. You will have access to a members only area, and mastermind on with other members from around the country  that will be working on setting this up as well.  You will also get access to our caoching call replays to watch and listen to other agents who have set this system up and see the results they are getting for you to copy! For those that join the VIP Mastermind you will work with our trainers and get help setting everything up, ang make sure you are getting leads right away. You can have exclusive life leads coming in less than 48hrs!

  • Generate targeted leads in under 48hours 
  • Phone Scripts - Email Scripts- Text Scripts
  • Get exact screen shots of the ads to use
  • Pre-made ads & HD Videos to use
  • Exact targeting to generate targeted leads

We are so confident in our program that we are offering a full money back guarantee. If you follow the steps in the program, and your ads do not generate leads we will give you a full refund. (you must show that you actually created the ads. Simply buying the program doesn't mean you will get leads, as crazy as it sounds you do have to follow the steps) 

Proven Results. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We caught up with Jason as he finished his first 30 days and learned that he generated 174 leads and had closed 44 life policies with 8 more pending! . 

  • Follow Our Proven System To Get Predictable Results
  • Highest Contact Rates of ANY Leads In The Industry
  • Increase Monthly Commissions By $3,000 - $5,000 on Average 

Nathan G - Agency Owner closed over $20,000 of new life premium using these same strategies in his first 30 days. 

The Resulst are undeniable and we are getting HUGE success stories submitted every day. Once you join you will get access to a private group to work with agents like Joe, Jason, and Nathan to get your campaigns up and running. 

Here Is What Joe K- Farmers Agent Said

"I Have To Admit, I Wasn't Sure This Would Actually Work. I Knew I Needed To Do Something So I Made The InvestmentOur Very 1st Life Lead Campaign Caught Me Off Guard, I Was Getting Leads For $1.34 Each. 

That Was Just The Begining, I Used The Sales Scripts That Were Provided & I Personally Wrote 7 Applications In The First 5 Days. The Leads Kept Comming & They Were Closing At A Rate of 20%+ By The End of The First Month We Generated 155 Leads For Just Under $250.00 Dollars and I Wrote 32 Life Applications. I Wrote Less Than 30 Life Apps All Last Year and Couldn't Have Told You I Would Ever Write 30 In A Month By Myself. ”
- Joe Kaufman, Farmers Insurance - Missouri - 

  • Get unlimited access to training FREE
  • Get our blueprint of proven campaign set up strategies
  • Get the entire ad vault of our highest converting ads from our testing. 

In order to keep the marketplace from getting saturated and ensure that our members get MASSIVE results we are limiting the number of agents who can license this technology for their market to just 50 agent nationwide. This will presereve our strategies and allow our agents to have unlimited potential using our system. 

“Since joining the Agency Alliance my agency has sold more in the last 7 months than we did all last year. Our Gross Written Premium is up 42% and our NB is up by 38%. We are writing bigger premiums and closing more house holds. ”

James Jenkins, Farmers Agent ~ Texas


24/7 Access To The Exact Ad Strategy To Generate Exclusive Leads 

Technology Set Up & Customization

Get Life Sales Accelerator Systems Set Up

We don't waste any time. We jump right into the life insurance ad campaings. We will walk you through getting your ads account set up, making sure all your pages are set up properly and give you the easy to follow step by step blue print to launch your first ads.  

  • You wil get the step by step set up instructions so you can get leads flowing right away
  • You will be instructed on setting up custom incognito page, landing pages, and form capture

You get access the moment you join and for those that take the mastermind upgrade you will also get access to 1 on 1 coaching 

Facebook Ads Training 

Life Sales Accelerator Lead Generation Training 

Once you have your first ads set up and you have leads pouring in we introduce you to more advanced strategies. We will lay out the scripts so you know exact how to reach out to these leads, what to say, what to text, what to email, and how to convert 20% or more of your leads on the VERY FIRST CONTACT. 

  • Perfect customer targeting training
  • Actual screen shots of the exact ads to use 
  • Target age demographics, zip codes, job titles, industries, education, interest, etc.

You will get our exact ad copy, exact targeting, landing page copy, and custom audience set up

Facebook Lead Generation 

Life Insurance Lead Ad Vault Access 

We share our life insurace ad vault which is the collection of all the life insurance ads we have developed over the last several months. Every single ad strategy we teach has been tested and proven to work nationwide. Our strategy is unique and we use the systems we developed. You can't learn this from any other program. We keep very tight grips on who has access to this information and you will be the FIRST to bring it to your market. 

  • Build and launch your first ad campaigns
  • Caoture leads and build your custom audiences

Now that your ads are launched your quote request will begin to flow in consistently. 

Automate Sales Process 

Sales Process & Conversion Strategies

Converting life insurance leads over the phone can be tricky business. We have a unique sales process that takes the customer from start to fininsh in a one call close process. This system and our incentive model is what drives the customers through the sales funnel and shifts the focus from price to value instantly. 

  • Get exact phone scripts, email scripts, text scripts, and more
  • Contact rates are as high as 75% and conversion rates as high as 50% 

Put our automated sales and follow up processes in place to create the highest conversion rates in the industry. 

Inventive Ad Strategies 


8 out of 10 marketing agencies are using what is called incentive ad campaigns. We will show you our secret incentive marketing strategies that agents are using to drive endless leads, referrals, and drive leads through referral partners. 

  • Incentive Ad Stratgies. 
  • You will get access to Life Sales Accelerator 1.0 (with 30 day pass)
  • Members will get Life Sales 1.0 & Limitless Life Leads Life Time Access ($497 Value) 
  • Exact Systems Used To Drive Leads, Exact Ad Copy, Exact Campaigns

Get 7 days of UNLIMITED FREE FUNNELS using the FREE trail of our partner incentive funnels. 


Try The Month To Month Option Only $49
No Contracts No Commitments

Try For Only $49 *Limited Time


Hear What Other Agents Have Said About Our Programs

  • Rob Springer, Liberty Mutual 
    Top 5% In The Nation 
  • Chad H, Independent Agent 
    12+ Years In The Business
  • Frank J, Independent Agent 
    Top Performer Turned Marketing Expert
  • Jason H. ~ Life Insurance Agent
    Now Writing 30+ Life Apps A Month
  • Eli O, Arizona Agent 
    Beta Tester For Quote Engine  System
  • Joe Kaufman, Farmers Agent
    Missouri Agent & Marketing Expert

Got Questions?

Request A Call Back From Our Team 

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When you join the Agency Alliance VIP Membership You Get Access To Our Entire Program Line For One Low Membership Fee. You Get Access To Any of Our 40+ Lead Generation Programs, Weekly Group Coaching, Life 1 on 1 Coaching, and Access To Our Entire Ad Vault With 150+ Proven Insurance Ads. 

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Access To All Our Programs 
  • One on One Weekly Coaching

Your membership includes the set up of the system, access to the program and weekly group coaching with weekly 1 on 1 coaching cas well.  Continued You can cancel at any time.  USE PROMO CODE: VIP25 To save 25% for life 


  • Launched The 1st Social Media Mastermind For Insurance Agents ~ Agency Alliance Mastermind
  • Longest Running Insurance Lead Gen. University 
  • More Than 1,500 Agents Have Joined Our Programs
  • Launched The 1st Celebrity Mastermind Platform


Sean started his consulting business in late 2013 with The Agency Alliance Mastermind program. This Insurance Mastermind took the insurance industry by stom and quickly became the #1 Insurance program in the county. 

Shortly after The Agency Alliance was launched Sean created The Millionaire Masterminds as a platform to host celebrity speaking engagements, celebrity hosted masterminds, and corporate bookings for celebrity clients. In just 6 months this company became the industry leader for celebrity training programs. 

" I built my business on results for my clients. I pride myself on 100% success rates in every program I have ever created. If I can't help you then we simply will not work together. I don't believe in wasting your time or mine. I live and breath to watch my clients get massive results."  ~Sean Matheis , Founder & CEO 

Agency Alliance Media ~ Quote Engine 

Pricing Packages 

No Contracts For On Going Coaching 

    Retail Value $1,495
    Regular Set Up Fee $199 
    Promo Set Up Only $99  
     PromoCode LS100
    $49.00 mo
    • Limitless Life Leads Included
    • Life Sales 1.0 Included
    • Private Facebook Group
    • Get Exact Ads & Targeting
    • Step By Step Set Up Instructionns Provided
    • Lead Generation Training
    • 24/7 Access To Training 
    • Exact Scripts Proven To Convert. 20% Closing Ratio 
    • Exact Ad Templates
    • Proven Conversion Scripts
    • Proven Blueprint 
    Retail Value $1,495
    No Set Up Fee
    • Bonus Content: 
    • Life Sales 1.0 Included
    • Private Facebook Group
    • First Ad Set Up By Us
    • Limitless Life Leads Included
    • White Label Call Center
    • Exact Ad Templates
    • Proven Conversion Scripts
    • Proven Bluepring

LifeTime Access $999 Fully Set Up By Our Team GUARANTEED RESULTS

Regular Retail Value $1,995 & $99 monthly For Mastermind Membership

*Discounts Is Valid For The Life of The Membership*

Get Life Time Access Only $499

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