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Insurance Agents

Lead Generation/ Ad Copy/ Targeting/ Funnels
Linkedin For Insurance Agents
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" The Agency Alliance Programs have been a game changer in my agency. I was spending over $1,000 a month on internet leads with ZERO results. Since joining the Agency Alliance I have not purchased a single internet lead and my business is up 40%”
- Joe Kaufman, Agency Owner 

The Agency Alliance 

The number 1 insruance agent lead generation mastermind in the country. We have helped with over 1,500 insurance agents grow their agency using our marketing and lead generation strategies. 
Technology and social media have completely changed the landscape of lead generation today. Consumers have changed they way they are shopping and as a result requires insurance agents to change the way they meet the consumers of today. 
This program will take you step by step through our linkedin prospecting and lead generation strategies. We provide more than 25 ads for both commercial and P&C leads!

Sean Matheis, CEO & Founder 

Sean started his consulting business in late 2013 with The Agency Alliance Mastermind program. This Insurance Mastermind took the insurance industry by stom and quickly became the #1 Insurance program in the county. 

Shortly after The Agency Alliance was launched Sean created The Millionaire Masterminds as a platform to host celebrity speaking engagements, celebrity hosted masterminds, and corporate bookings for celebrity clients. In just 6 months this company became the industry leader for celebrity training programs. " I built my business on results for my clients. I pride myself on 100% success rates in every program I have ever created. If I can't help you then we simply will not work together. I don't believe in wasting your time or mine. I live and breath to watch my clients get massive results."  Sean Matheis 

Here's what you will learn 

  • Exact Ad Copy for more than 20 proven ads
  • Exact Targeting For Each Ad Plus Video Walk Through
  • Generate Targeted P&C Leads
  • Generate Targeted Commercial Leads
  • Generate Targeted Life Insurance Leads 
  • Linkedin referral marketing techniques 
  • Creating a linkedin "Allstar Profile" 
  • Build & optimize a linkedin "Company Profile"
  • Linkedin advertising and lead generation strategies Direct From LinkedIn
  • Build and launch laser targeted ads that ACTUALLY convert to Leads
  • BONUS MATERIAL: Advertising Best Practices, LinkedIn Marketing Guide, Tactical Content Marketing Strategy, Executive Playbook, and more...

How is the training delivered 

24/7 Online Access - On Demand

On demand access on any devise 24hrs a day
This is an online training program so you can be anywhere you want as long as you have a quality internet connection. You can be on the beach sipping on margaritas for all we care. Just be ready to tacke action and grow your business.
Facebook platform has become increasingly saturated with advertisers. The last 24 months we have noticed an increase in performance on the Linkedin platform for a variety of lead generation strategies. P&C Leads, Commercial Leads, Company Branding, and Supplimental Benefits / Employee Benefits programs. Walk through this indepth step by step program that will breakdown the lead generation strategies you need to DOMINATE your market. Only 50 agents will be given access to this program...the question is, will it be you? 

Course Outline 

With each training you will be given step by step training as well as PDF handouts, and most importantly action itemes to implement and start getting results TODAY! Our system has been tested and proven in every market and works perfect fo captive agents, producers, and independent agents. Log in, Take Action, Get Results, it is that simple. 
  • 1

    1. Linkedin Fundamentals 

    The first week we will uncover the fundamentals of linkedin, understanding the new algorithim that Linkedin released, how to get more engagement, get more followers, reviews, and endorsements. Moving your profile to "Allstar Status" to build your presence on Linkedin. We will show you how to get 1,000s' of imressions and have your profile front and center of the RIGHT types of business partners, referral sources, and potential clients. 
  • 2

    2. Linkedin Personal Profile Strategies

    - Optimize your profile 
    - Post a status update 
    - Posting articles 
    - LinkedIn Prospecting Strategy
    - How to build a linked in group 
  • 3

    3.LinkedIn Company Page Strategies

    - how to set up your company page
    - how to publish and edit updates on company page 
    - how to target a company page update  
    - tips to promote your company page 
  • 4

    4. Linkedin Advertising Strategies

    - LinkedIn Text Ads 
    - LInkedIn Sponsored Content Ads
    - LinkedIn Display Ads 
    - LinkedIn Dynamic Ads 
  • 5

    5. Insurance Ad Examples

    The true power of Linkedin paid traffic comes from targeted ads using your company page. Linkedin offers THOUSANDS of filters that will allow you to hone in your perfect customer and deliver tageted ads that convert. 
    - Commercial Leads
    - Auto & Home Leads
    - Supplimental Health Leads
    - Referral Parnter Strategies 


  • Tanessa Jones, Agency Owner - TX

    The program had already paid for itself within 48 hours of starting it. I am forever indebted to the Agency Alliance. I have one producer and am looking to hire more staff due to the success I am having.
  • Frank Jiminez, Agency Owner- AZ

    I am generating 20+ EXCLUSIVE LEADS a day. Hands down this program has changed the way our entire office markets and generates leads. No more purchased leads coming from us.
  • Robert Springer, 
    Agent - NY 

    As an 18 year veteran I have tried just about everything you can imagine to grow my agency. This system is easily the biggest ROI that I have ever had from an insurance program. 

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