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Receive 12 weeks of training with insurance marketing and online lead generation strategies I usually only share inside my private mastermind program. These are the same tactics my clients use to double or triple their monthly policies.

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Sean vs Tough Cold Call

In this video I called a prospect up that had inquired about our coaching program 4 months prior and didn’t pull the trigger. I didn’t speak to him the first time around, this was my first

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You are in sales….WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT?

I have been in sales my entire professional career. I could not see my self doing anything else. I once heard someone say “If you want to get rich the only two ways are to sell something or own something.” All

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Josh Altman – Million Dollar Listing LA on stage with me in Dallas, TX

I have put on plenty of events in my day however, this was an event like none other. In one day we put on a 3 hr speaking engagement with a panel of experts that included Seychele Vanpoole, Josh Deshong,

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Work Like A Millionaire- Grant Cardone

I have been able to do some amazing things in my life at just 28 years old. I regularly hang out with and work with some of the top business talent & celebrity personalities in the county. I have achieved

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The Extra Effort 99% Don’t Have

It pains me to see people every day that are not reaching their full potential. I believe that most people have the skill set to be successful however, most people lack either drive & a burning desire

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Closers Don’t Take Breaks

Okay Closers I wanted to talk to you about taking breaks. There is a very simple way to make sure you don’t fall into the ever so prominent cycle among sales people of peaks and valleys in your pay

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Luis Ortiz (Million Dollar Listing NY) Plays Piano

One of the coolest parts of what I do is the fun stuff in between all the hard work. I had an event with Luis Ortiz in Dallas with a Century 21 office. In between the two engagements we had there was a

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Why You Are Still Broke!

When you think about making more money you normally think about getting a new job, starting a side business, maybe joining an MLM to make a few hundred extra dollars. Some people may think about going

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